your summer
in The Heart of St.Petersburg
Dear students!
It is a great pleasure to invite you to participate in our Summer School
(Sain-Petersburg, Russia).
8 days
18-25 August
1 beatiful city
8 days of Russian language and culture immersion in Saint-Petersburg!
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Make your summer 2019
Academic growth
5 ESTC credits
Visiting Saint-Petersburg in its best season
Exploring Russian lifestyle and culture
Several reasons to participate
What is expected in summer school of
Famous Museums
Excursion to Russian Ethnographic Museum and the Hermitage. Bus excursion to Tsar residence Peterhof.
Work in the laboratory
"Bioactive compounds from wood biomass"– laboratory,
Prof. Viktor I. Roshchin, Prof. Dmitry N.Vedernikov
Explore the city
Excursion around the rivers and channels of Saint Petersburg.
Classes in the Forest Technical University.
The University is a leading science and methodology center for the network of forestry degree colleges of Russia.
Visit the theaters
Saint Petersburg, Russia is home to more than a hundred theatres!
"Deposits sources and pitch control in paper industry" – lecture, Prof. Andrey B. Nikandrov
"Green chemistry and ecology" – lecture, Prof. Natalia G. Zanko, Рrof. Ekaterina G. Rakovskaya
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